Sensible living

Being alive is a blessing. But, waking up with all your faculties intact is a miracle. While it’s true that collecting experiences rather than things is the key to happiness, what’s the point if our memories eventually fail us? All we have is today. And if all your senses are firing today, indulge and revel in them.

Gaze at something beautiful every day: a lush green tree, the wild flowering bushes, a loved one’s face, a beautiful painting. Smell something delightful every day: perfume, a freshly cooked meal, a candle. Pledge to hear something beautiful each day: a hearty laugh, a melody, an uplifting talk, birds chirping, the local train.

Promise to indulge your sense of touch every day: a hug, the contours of a leaf, your phone’s cool glass screen. Let your taste buds savor the texture of perfectly cooked rice, crunchy nuts, juicy peaches, and freshly baked bread. Consciously engaging our senses opens us up to the world’s wonders. I passed by a deer yesterday, and its distinct animal smell evoked a deep sense of kinship with this graceful fellow creature. My deer contemporary!

Be mindful, and grateful for each faculty you possess. They are given to us, but not a given.

P.S. Drink “sensibly.”

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